3 Adventurous Things To Do in Lombok

I’t divide the things to do in Adventurous Things To Do in Lombok by region so you can plan your itinerary so and I’ve also connected the full blog posts on certain adventures so you can get more detailed info, maps and check out the images from each one of the things to do in Lombok.

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Bukit Selong Rice Field Viewpoint
Bukit Selong Rice Fields stage of view is a patchwork of farm plots viewed from several mountain tops. We had seen a ton of images but couldn’t even find that a set location. Arriving before sunrise we managed to find a designated point of view without a large scale. There are far more epic spots nevertheless this is the most accessible and easiest way to get a cool view of the areas.
A vast assortment of different colored plants create a contrasting patchwork quilt, covering the entire valley. There’s a flat perspective, which gives you a great view of the entire valley but there’s also a higher point of view. We climbed the mountain, nevertheless with heavy legs from trekking up Rinjani and sat below the wooden star while it started to rain.
The wooden celebrity appears to have been constructed only for epic images and it was fairly corny but nevertheless fun to hang out on. A great deal of tourists started to come following the sunrise so I’m glad we moved really early even though we never even saw the sun. This was one of the very popular things to do in Lombok but well worth it for the opinions!
Senaru Sunrise
The subsequent 3 things to do in Lombok can all be done on one large daily adventure. Wake up early and head down to the entrance of Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep waterfall. Here you’ll find a path which leads along the ridge and looks out over the rice fields. The sun rises directly contrary to you. We sat out on the mountain chatting and watching as the rice fields gradually lit up. This is also where you begin the Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep adventure so you can just add it to your daily itinerary.

Sendang Gile Waterfall
Sendang Gile was an unexpected addition to our plans. We knew we wanted to visit Tiu Kelep waterfall but on the way discovered the trail really takes you to another waterfall. Sendang Gile was an incredible attraction in its own right though it’ll probably always be outshone by Tiu Kelep, which is around the corner. Sendang Gile is a epic two-tiered waterfall that booms down into a shallow river. It had been definitely one of my favored, unexpected things to do in Lombok.